The first step in mitigating risk is understanding threats and vulnerabilities facing your organization. Itillious offers assessments in to help you identify your risk areas and focus your security efforts where they are needed most.

Network Security

Itilliousí network assessment, including remote access, includes both a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.  The security of the networks is tested from a hackerís perspective to first identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited followed by actual exploitation attempts. Penetration testing follows a logical, methodical approach using both automated and manual testing techniques.

Itillious uses publicly available and proprietary tools and techniques to assess system vulnerabilities.  Deliverables include an executive presentation explaining the vulnerabilities and associated business risks in management terms.  Recommendations are focused on minimizing risk with practical, cost-effective solutions.  A technical report is also provided which provides a more detailed view of the vulnerabilities and the recommendations for improving the security of the assessed network and systems.

Oracle Security

As the foundation for numerous e-commerce and ERP applications, Oracle database security is a critical, but often overlooked area for many organizations.  Itillious has the experience to review your Oracle implementation to identify areas of risk and recommend practical modifications that can reduce your risk exposure.  The following aspects of the Oracle environment are reviewed:

  • Configuration files and operating parameters
  • File and directory protection
  • Audit settings
  • User management
  • Access controls
  • Backup and recovery
  • Configuration management

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