Understanding the current level of risk for your applications, networks,  and databases is critical to an effective security plan. The Itillious approach reviews threats, vulnerabilities, and risks from your organization's perspective and provides practical recommendations that can be implemented. More>>

An information security architecture includes the people (organizational), process, and technology components needed to provide the appropriate protection for your information assets. Itillious has the experience to help you develop a security architecture that is right for your company and your tolerance for risk. More>>
People are the most important component and potentially the weakest link in any security program. Many of the security problems caused by employees are committed inadvertently due to a mistake, confusion on the employees' behalf , or by a lack of understanding of the proper security procedures. One such area is the proper handling of documents and other information due to the lack of a Data Classification program (view presentation). Itillious provides a variety of awareness mechanisms for your enterprise as well as technical security training for your security or IT staffs. More>>
Advisory Services
Do you ever wish you could get an expert for just 10 hours for a specific task, but you don't have the 20+ hours it will take to find someone and get a contract in place? Itillious provides Security Advisory Services to clients looking for just such assistance. Our security team can provide advice on a variety of topics, such as research on a new product or product family, a "sanity" check on a chosen strategy (is it consistent with industry leading practices?), and technical / architectural reviews. The advisory services contract provides a flexible mechanism for both the client and Itillious and is developed with your budget in mind.
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